Monday, December 31, 2012

Two Deaths, a Second-Death, and a Wedding

Shortly after Alesha died, Hank finally reached the top of the Law Enforcement: Special Agent career, decided he'd had enough of working, and retired. He then devoted himself to working on his skills, and started casually dating a bit again though his interests had mostly moved on from the womanizing of his earlier days. Also not long after Alesha's death, Morganna passed on as well. I had to redo things a bit around her death, because I had let her keep her job in the Medical field so she'd have something to keep her occupied and out of the way, and this resulted in Grim coming for her as she finished her shift at the hospital one day.

I was concerned about losing her grave because she'd died on a community lot and not being able to get her ghost, which I needed to finish Beau's LTW, so I opted to exit without saving and redo (in hindsight I suppose I probably could have fetched her grave from the mausoleum in the cemetery like I had Beau's, but I didn't think of that at the time). Luckily I didn't have to back up that far as I had saved not too long before that. The first thing I did when I started up again was have her retire/quit (I forget which it was) so that she'd be home when Grim came for her. He showed up right on schedule and this time her grave was safely on the home lot.

That night, or the following one, her ghost came out, Beau saw it, and his LTW was completed. Shortly thereafter (a few days I think, I forget exactly), Beau's time as a playable ghost was up and he went back to the netherworld (or whatever they call it in the game). He left his grave on the lot to add to the growing collection of them in the backyard, and contributed 7 points to the challenge, bringing the score to 18.

Beau Andrews' Achievements:
Traits: Couch Potato, Good Sense of Humor, Inappropriate, Slob
Career: (none)
LTW: Gold Digger
Skills: Gardening - Botanical Boss
Paranormal: Have a playable ghost
Miscellaneous: (none)

After Beau was gone, or maybe it was shortly before that, I forget, Grim came for Hank as well while he was working out on the treadmill trying to get an Athletic achievement. He must have been mere minutes away from finishing it when Death made him stop.

Hank contributed 10 points to the challenge, bringing the score to 28.

Hank Goddard's Achievements:
Traits: Charismatic, Commitment Issues, Great Kisser, Loves the Outdoors, Schmoozer
Career: Law Enforcement - Special Agent
LTW: Heartbreaker
Skills: Charisma - Celebrity, Charisma - Personable, Charisma - Super Friendly
Paranormal: (none)
Miscellaneous: (none)

Byron suddenly found himself alone in the house, and also finally the focus of his Sim Goddess's attention. Yes, I admit, Byron was largely ignored by me during his growing up and the early days of his adulthood as I was focused on finishing all of the elder's LTWs and knew that Byron's would likely take care of itself in time anyway. So, while I gave him enough attention to set him on the right course toward his LTW when needed, I'd mostly left him to his own devices until now. But no longer. He was now the man of the house, and with his parents and their housemates Beau and Morganna gone, he (and I) decided it was time for him to look for a wife.

He didn't have to hunt for long, or maybe it's just that I'd had enough of dating around with Hank and just went with the first woman Byron got along well enough with. Whatever the case, within a few days of his father's death, Byron invited Kesha Vargas over and proposed to her outside by the garden.

She accepted and a day or two later they married at his house. They threw a wedding party, but instead of doing their ring exchange out in the garden or at least in the living room where the was room for their guests to gather around, they decided instead to do it in Byron's old bedroom where space was far more limited. (I've not done wedding parties much, so likely was just my inexperience with getting them positioned right before having them do the action that caused the odd location). I made sure to have Byron ask her to move in during the wedding party, and as soon as I was able to afterwards I sent Kesha to City Hall to change her last name to Medina so that their children will have that name as well.

Kesha (Vargas) Medina's Stats:
Traits: Good, Light Sleeper, Neurotic, Perfectionist, Workaholic
LTW: Renaissance Sim (master 3 skills)
Favorites: Classical, Mac and Cheese, Lime Green

I'll end this entry with this picture of an odd event I happened across when I was scrolling across town one day shortly after Byron and Kesha's wedding. I noticed a crowd of protesters outside City Hall, and out of curiosity I zoomed in take a closer look. From their signs, apparently they had gathered there to protest...engagements? Engagement rings? *shrugs*

Next up: Primetime for generation 2 and the birth of generation 3


  1. For throwing a wedding party, I suggest using a wedding arch. Just move it into your family inventory when not in use.

    1. I looked through my catalog for a wedding arch, since that's how I'm familiar with doing the formal weddings from Sims 2, but I couldn't find one. Is it a store or custom item, or did I just miss seeing it?

    2. I'll double check where it is. It's not store or CC. It might be an EP, but I don't think so. Try under outdoor activities. I'll double check next time I have my game open.

  2. I was wrong. Wedding arches came with Generations. I guess that's something to look forward to then :-)

    1. Ah, ok. Generations is a ways off for me, but I guess that just means I'll get more practice doing it without one in the meantime.

  3. I never saw a demonstration in my own game, only in blogs. Guess my sims are not big protesters :)
    I will be fun to see Byron in the limelight finally!

    1. You don't get any notices about them, so you have to just be looking in that area at the right time to see them and know they're happening. I don't know how often they happen, but I imagine they happen more often than I manage to see them.

  4. Good entry. I might have just tried to take Morganna's headstone that was left on the Hospital's lot into my inventory (somebody's inventory) and take it home that way. I don't know if that might have worked. But your way of backing out of the unsaved game worked just fine! I don't completely understand why you had to invite Byron's new bride to move in AND have her change her last name to his name of Medina after the wedding? In my bedroom weddings, the name has automatically changed, though I have usually had the couple living together some time before the actual wedding.

    1. There was a glitch in the game for awhile after one of the patches that made it so that the sim you were marrying in wouldn't be automatically moved into the household and wouldn't automatically take the other sim's name. I'd had the same problem with Morganna not moving in automatically when Beau married her. It's been fixed since then and is no longer an issue. And yes, I realize now that I could have just gone and collected Morganna's headstone from the hospital, but I didn't have as much experience with the game at the time and didn't know that. :)