Sunday, March 29, 2015

Accardi - Stars in Her Eyes

Meet Dove Accardi. In the spirit of diving in and experiencing what Late Night has to offer, I decided I'd create a new sim to play in Bridgeport. Dove is a Workaholic, Disciplined, Charismatic, Ambitious aspiring actress with Star Quality. She hopes to become a Superstar Actor here in Bridgeport, and to experience as much of the nightlife that the big city has to offer as she can along the way. As such, she plans to remain focused on succeeding in her career and on playing the field instead of getting tied down with a husband and kids anytime soon.

To begin her life in Bridgeport, she's rented a reasonably priced one bedroom apartment at the Civil Suites Apartments located near the studios that she plans to get a job at. It's not much, but it's a start, and hopefully she'll be able to upgrade her living quarters to something a bit more posh eventually.

After settling into her apartment and securing a position at the film studio, she headed down to the park to hopefully meet a celebrity or two. She saw a small gathering of people watching a few guitarists and introduced herself to a pale fellow there. He made her slightly uneasy, though she wasn't sure why exactly, but at the same time she was intrigued and wanted to get to know him better. He said his goodbyes and took off shortly afterward, and though she thought she was probably seeing things, he seemed to be smoking a bit.

After chatting with a few of the other people in the park, she finally got a chance to introduce herself to one of the guitarists whom she thought she recognized. Sure enough, the woman turned out to be Aria Trill, a minor celebrity perhaps, but still someone of note. Dove started to schmooze her, hoping to impress her enough to be able to get to know her a bit, and managed to succeed.

She hung around the park until late afternoon and then decided to head over to Waylons, a local dive bar she'd heard about. There was quite a crowd there and she met a few more people along with running into Beau again and getting a chance to chat with him more. While sitting at the bar having a drink, she noticed a man taking pictures but he must be photographing someone behind her since there was no way anyone would be interested in taking her photo yet. Still, she acted like she didn't notice and made a mental note to be careful what she did here.

The next few days passed relatively uneventfully for Dove. She started her job at the studio and did so well that she'd earned a promotion by the end of her second day there. She had also managed to befriend several of the cast members and was starting to make a name for herself in celebrity circles.

The next day her agent called her and asked her to get to know Richie Striker, a 4 star celebrity. She was able to meet him outside the studio after finishing her shift, but had a hard time hitting it off with him. After trying to no avail to impress him enough to get him to talk to her, she recognized that she should probably just let it go for now. Then they stood there staring at each other awkwardly for a long while as his child cried on the ground at his feet....

She finished up her workweek, earning another celebrity star along the way. Someone started a vicious and untrue rumor about her shortly after she struck out with Richie Striker and she decided to lay low for a few days till Bridgeport's short attention span moved on to some other scandal. She was out until dawn that night then came home and slept all day. The following evening she decided to head over to Plasma 501 because she'd heard Richie Striker would likely be there that evening and she still needed to try to get in good with him. She got there, and managed to get in, but never got a chance to talk to him before he left.

She started to go out to Richie's house, but it was on the other side of town, and she couldn't find a cab, and after walking a bit in heels she gave up and just decided to go home. As luck would have it, she found a cab to take *then*. On the way home she stopped at a food truck to grab some breakfast. (one VERY annoying habit I'm seeing here is that she insists on WALKING everywhere. Slowly. Every once in awhile she'll actually take a cab, but often as not she just WALKS. Consequently it takes her forever to get anywhere most of the time.)

Richie continued to be elusive for the next few days, but finally on Monday evening after work, she managed to track him down at the butterfly pavilion by the dome park. This time she was able to impress him fairly easily and to keep him chatting until they had become friends.

By Wednesday she was starting to become fairly well known in town. Her friendships with various celebrities had garnered her 4-star celebrity status of her own.

And here is where I'm going to sign off with Dove for now. I actually played most of this awhile ago, and though I intended to play her some more to fill out this entry better, I finally decided to just post what I had so far with her. I'm not including a score update on this entry since it hasn't changed from the previous post. I'll probably continue with Dove in my next update here, though I'm also thinking of playing some other families that I don't blog to get through some of the more tedious (and boring) professions and skills. Until next time, Cheers!