Sunday, January 25, 2015

Britt: How Does That Work Exactly?

Welcome back to the Britt household. The last time we visited here Eugenia aged up to Young Adult and got a career in the Criminal field that she did very well at. She's currently at level 8 in that career and thus close to finishing her LTW to become the Emperor of Evil. Edvin aged from Child to Young Adult and opted for a career in Law Enforcement in contrast to his criminal mother and sister. Adrianna finally reached the top of the Thief branch of Criminal then passed away a few days later. Eugenia met and married Betty Wills who quit her job in the criminal career to pursue her dream of mastering Painting, Sculpting and Inventing. She hasn't yet registered as an Inventor, but that is the profession she'll pursue now I think. She's vowed to take frequent mud baths to keep herself young so she'll have more time with Eugenia and more time to pursue her dreams.

We join the Britts very early on a Thursday morning. Betty was getting ready to take a mud bath, Eugenia was on her way home from work, and Damien and Edvin were still asleep. The morning proceeded fairly routinely with Eugenia tending to some laundry and then repairing the broken dishwasher, Damien had breakfast then took over from Betty working on the garden. Betty meanwhile started trying her hand at sculpting while listening to an inventing tabcast.

Nothing much else happened on Thursday other than Damien being invited to a party. On Friday morning Eugenia and Betty were getting frisky (they are still on their honeymoon after all) and the option to Try For Baby popped up. I'm guessing it's coming from one of my mods even though I thought I'd turned off allowing same-sex pregnancies because I don't generally like that since it's so unrealistic. However, in this case since I'd really like to have a biological child of Eugenia's to hopefully carry on her red hair, I decided to go for it. The child will be theirs, but for story purposes we'll say that they went and had in vitro done or something. Pregnancy chimes sounded, though I'm not sure yet which one of them will be carrying it.

Another day passed without much of note happening, then on Saturday morning the pregnancy was confirmed and I found out that Betty will be the one carrying the child.  She was outside working on her Sculpting skill when she found out.

After visiting the Consignment Store to put the sculptures she'd made so far up for sale, Betty stopped by the library to read a pregnancy book so she'd know what to expect.

Sunday passed fairly uneventfully, then early Monday morning Betty went into labor. She headed to the hospital on her own, though Eugenia joined her there after a bit. As luck would have it, it was Eugenia's birthday as well, so she and the child will share a birthday (theoretically at least). Betty gave birth to a baby boy they named Fred. He got the traits Perceptive and Slob and the hidden trait Makes No Messes. His favorites are Pop music, Hot Dogs, and Hot Pink.

Eugenia went to work later that night, and though she came very close, did not manage to get a promotion. Possibly because she got busted by the cops just as she was finishing her shift. As she was following the policewoman to her car, however, she stopped to have her birthday. The policewoman left without her and Eugenia transitioned to adult with minimal fanfare on the sidewalk then headed home.

The Criminal career bug struck again on Wednesday night and I had to send Eugenia in even though it was supposed to be her night off. I'll be glad when I'm done with this career because it's such a pain when this happens. She lost work performance for being late, but didn't gain any of it back while there, and I had to manually cancel her out of working to send her home at the end of her shift.

On Thursday, Eugenia and Betty were about to slip out to the sauna to have a bit of fun when Damien suddenly passed away while working on writing a book in the living room. He was about 94 days old I think, and he contributed 7 points to the challenge during his lifetime.

Thursday was also Fred's birthday. Given that his grandfather had just passed away, they just held a small celebration with his mothers and his uncle. He transitioned into a Toddler (and didn't get the red hair unfortunately).

On Friday afternoon, Betty was working on her inventing in the backyard when she set herself on fire when the doohickey she was working on blew up. Luckily they had installed a shower in the sauna building for just this sort of emergency and she was able to put the flames out quickly. This wouldn't be the last time this happened.

Friday night, Eugenia received her final promotion at work and became the Emperor of Evil (Emperess?), thus finishing her LTW. Her points will now count in the challenge...and I can get her a different job and not have to deal with the buggy one anymore.

On Saturday, Betty rolled up the wish to have another child with Eugenia. Since I'd been contemplating having another child with them anyway, I decided to indulge her. Eugenia was asleep on her feet after a long night, but she found a bit of energy to get frisky with Betty in the sauna and chimes were heard.

After getting some sleep and then calling to quit her job (because it was yet again trying to make her come in on a day off), Eugenia took Fred down to the library to read the children's books with him.

While there, she had to take a break because she suddenly wasn't feeling very well. It looks like Eugenia will be carrying the baby this time.

Monday evening Eugenia headed down to the library to do some studying because she wanted to maximize her logic skill. While there, she witnessed Pattina Knack's sudden death.

On Tuesday morning, Betty maxed out her Sculpting skill by listening to a podcast. She is now 1/3 done with her LTW. She's at level 8 inventing, but still only level 3 in painting so she has a ways to go before she'll be done.

Tuesday afternoon Eugenia went into labor, much to Edvin's consternation. He had just arrived home after receiving another promotion and was about to fix himself a drink when he saw Eugenia holding her belly and moaning.  She gave birth to twins, a boy she named Feofil and a girl she named Fruma (the name generator was not kind to these kids). Feofil got the traits Virtuoso and Friendly. His favorites are Roots music, Egg Rolls, and Violet. Fruma got the traits Good and Eccentric and her favorites are Indie music, Hot Dogs, and Green. Both got the Makes No Messes hidden trait.

Eugenia was holding Feofil so Fruma just appeared on the floor
Edvin hasn't gotten much screen time this update, but he's been around, diligently working on his LTW. As a Workaholic, he loves going to work, and always Works Hard of his own accord, so he's climbed the ranks fast in the Law Enforcement career. On Thursday, after going in at 4:30am to work overtime on a case, then staying to work his regular shift, he finally received the promotion that put him at the top of the Special Agent branch and completed his LTW. His points will now count for the challenge.

Thursday was also Fred's birthday. After Edvin got home, they got a cake and had a small party for him on the front lawn as before. He aged up to Child and got the Eccentric trait.

Fred after his makeover
Friday was the twins' birthday. They set up cakes for them in the late afternoon and helped them blow out the candles one by one. They transitioned to Toddler, and at Fruma at least got Eugenia's red hair, so it will be carried on into the next generation.

Fruma and Feofil as toddlers
This seemed a good place to end my visit with them, so I'm going to wrap up this entry here. Here's a look at how my score stands right now after Eugenia and Edvin finished their LTWs:

Until next time, Cheers!