Monday, December 31, 2012

Beginnings: Alesha Medina

I started this challenge with a sim that I created and named Alesha Medina. I never got a good CAS shot of her, but here's a shot of her moving into her house:

Alesha's stats were:
Traits: Ambitious, Can't Stand Art, Good, Neat, Technophobe
LTW: CEO of a Megacorporation
Favorites: Classical music, Hot Dogs, and Green
She started as a new Young Adult.

I moved her into one of the pre-existing houses in Sunset Valley. I never can remember the address, but I'm sure those of you who've played SV a lot will recognize which one it is from the picture above. It's my favorite starter house in SV, and the one that I usually end up putting a sim in when I start a new game there.

One of the first things that Alesha did was get a job in the Business career to start pursuing her LTW. She did well there and started getting promotions fairly quickly. She remained single and focused on her career and on gaining the skills she needed for it. There wasn't really much to be taking note of or taking pictures of then, even if I'd been minded to blog it at the time. She also started a small garden, mainly because I never can resist having my sims plant things. Having a supply of good quality produce on hand (at least eventually) is always nice. One amusing thing that happened during this time is that her clothing glitched one morning for some reason and she ended up going out stark naked to tend her garden.

It wasn't until she'd risen through the ranks enough to fulfill her LTW that I really started thinking about the future for her and the challenge. She'd never shown much interest in dating or romance, instead had always struck me as being a very career-oriented sort, so I wasn't sure for awhile if I wanted to get her married and have a kid or kids or not. I debated for awhile between adopting, just having her get pregnant by someone, or moving someone in, and eventually decided to go for a relationship for her. So, with thoughts of trying for the hidden trait from having a child with a cop, I had her go after Hank Goddard, whom I'd seen around town in his cop uniform and whom she knew and got along with fairly well. Though I've played Sunset Valley several times, I'd never paid a lot of attention to all of the premade sims in the game, so didn't realize at first that he was already a "playable" in the town and so wouldn't likely qualify toward getting the hidden trait. Or maybe he could have, I don't know really, since I'm only generally aware of how the hidden traits work. I welcome any tips or advice regarding them. At any rate, she set about becoming friendly with Hank, and once their relationship was high enough, she invited him over for a date one night, and had her first kiss with him. Yes, she had been living a rather cloistered and celibate life up until now.

One thing led to another that night, and soon she was also losing her virginity with him.

I still was mostly just intending to get her knocked up and not bother with moving him in, but after they'd finished, on a whim I decided "what the heck?" and had her ask him to break up with his girlfriend Pauline Wan and to move in with her. He readily agreed, and I soon was somewhat regretting the decision when I saw his LTW. This had been a "Try for Baby" attempt, and it had succeeded, though it would of course be a bit before Alesha realized it.

Hank Goddard's stats:
Traits: Charismatic, Commitment Issues, Great Kisser, Loves the Outdoors, Schmoozer
LTW: Heartbreaker (be the boyfriend of 10 sims)
Favorites: Pop, Fish and Chips, Sea Foam
He was an  Adult when he moved in (I think. He was roughly the same age as Alesha at least.)

Given his LTW, I decided that they would simply live together for now at least, and I didn't have them get any more involved than that to help avoid jealousy issues as much as possible. And really, for most of their lives after this point, they really were more just housemates than lovers, though they did share a bed and occasionally would woohoo. They eventually became more, but not until the very end, and I'll show that later.

Next up: Alesha and Hank have a child.


  1. I'm so happy to see you blogging your Completion Challenge. What I've heard of your family has always sounded very interesting to me, and I really like your sims now that I've seen them.

  2. I have never played that Heartbreaker LTW. Don't quite know how to go about it...I don't know much about hidden traits either, if you find out be sure to share.

    1. It ended up not being all that difficult really. You don't actually have to spend loads of time with each conquest. All that's really required is to romance them up enough that they'll accept the Go steady interaction, then once they do, and you can see that it's counted the relationship, break up with that person and start working on the next one. Though I imagine most would want to play it up more for the drama of it all. I go into what I've discovered about the hidden traits a bit more in one of the later posts here. Main thing to note: it might not show up right away, but can show up in later generations, so it can apparently get handed down as a recessive.

  3. The heartbreaker LTW is actually pretty fun - I tried it with a CAS sim I made. I never blogged the attempt, though. The sim gets a terrible reputation from it though! To be counted as a boyfriend they need a committed relationship, but don't need to be engaged or married.
    What is hidden traits? Never heard of! You make me want to try this challenge (this one too!!) :)

    1. Yes, Hank did have a terrible reputation around town by the time he'd finished. Whenever he'd go out, sims all over town would point and snicker at him. Hidden traits are traits that born-in-game sims can get if one of their parent was a cop, fireman/woman, maid, criminal, and a few others I forget. They give them different behaviors, like fireman's kids with the traits can put out fires without freaking out. They don't show in their panel so you just have to watch to see if they have the behavior from it (or check with a mod like Master Controller).

  4. Okay, I'm not sure if I read this a year ago or not, but I definitely did not comment so here I am. haha (This at least lets me know if I've read a chapter or not, anyway). Good chapter. Alesha is off to a good start. I never did the Heartbreaker LTW yet either (to be perfectly honest, I have done so little in TS3 with all the EP's, etc.), but I did know that both Hank & his girlfriend Pauline have the same LTW (which I found slightly disturbing for some reason. haha.) One thing though that you did mention that surprised me was that Hank started to get a bad rep for his fooling around too much. I didn't think that was even introduced until Late Night or Generations, neither of which you have installed yet, which means EA must have given it to everyone through a patch upgrade. I didn't really know that before.

    1. Yes, I think a lot of things that were introduced with Late Night were included in the general patches, because I do have the attraction system going on, as well as the reputations, good and bad, that they get based on fidelity or cheating. My sims can also swim in the ocean, which is something I don't think was introduced until Island Paradise, and I still don't have that EP installed. It has been interesting to see what things have been put in with general patches.

      Hope you continue reading and enjoy the tales of my families as they evolve. Alesha's great-great-great-grandson was just born in my most recent playing/entry, so she seems so very long ago to me now.