Monday, December 31, 2012

The Family Expands

The next day after Hank had moved in, Alesha realized that she was pregnant with his child.

She never spun any wishes about wanting to get engaged or married to Hank, which was really just as well since I'd decided to leave them technically unattached while pursuing his LTW anyway. A few days later, her son Byron was born, and he took her last name.

I don't really remember the order in which Byron got his traits as he grew up, so here's what they ended up being once he was an adult:

Byron Medina
Traits: Artistic, Genius, Handy*, Loner, Vegetarian
LTW: Perfect Mind/Perfect Body (max Logic and Athletic)
Favorites: Indie, Cheese Tofu Steak, Red

*All traits are chosen via rolling the die for it/them whenever I'm given the option to choose for a sim. I did roll this trait for him as one of the early ones, perhaps when he aged to Toddler, but for some reason it didn't stick. Probably I hit the wrong button or something and it didn't save. So he went through the better part of his life with only 4 traits until I ended up getting a few hacks to clear up some errors I was getting, one of them being Twallan's Master Controller, and I used it to set the trait on him then. I would have left him as is, but was concerned that his only having 4 traits was causing the odd, small glitches I was getting, so I went ahead and set it.

Byron's infancy passed quickly, and it wasn't long before he aged up to Toddler. Alesha threw him a birthday party and invited some of their friends. Holly Alto (in the orange dress) and the gal sitting at the chess table (forget her name) ended up being two of Hanks' conquests eventually I believe. Though I'm actually not certain now if Holly was or not. Also in the picture is Beau Andrews (elder in blue shirt) who we'll see more of later on. I believe the woman in the bathing suit is his wife, Victoria Andrews, but I'm not certain.

Since Hank didn't have a career-related LTW I let him remain in the Law Enforcement career. Eventually he went into the Special Agent branch of that career because that's the one he'd spun a wish for at some point. Byron's toddler days passed fairly uneventfully, and while he didn't learn all of his skills, he did at least get potty trained and learned to walk (I think). I apparently didn't get a picture of his birthday to child, or any of him as a child. Alesha reached the top of the Business career while he was a toddler. It was during this time that Alesha's friends began dying. First was Nancy Landgraab:

Next was Victoria Andrews.

Not too long after that, Beau Andrews passed as well.

During all of this, Byron was growing and doing well and by the time Alesha became an Elder he was a teenager. She threw a birthday party for herself, and as luck would have it, just as she was blowing out her candles, the Grim Reaper came for her friend Fiona McIrish who was in attendance.

Not too long after that, Hank became an elder as well. He didn't have a party, instead he celebrated his transition while meeting one of his girlfriends, or prospective girlfriends, at the bistro. The gal in the blue shirt and white skirt was his date.

Hank had of course been busy wooing and dumping women during all this time. For the most part he'd only date them, make out with them a time or two, then move on to the next conquest. He didn't really sleep around much, so at least in that respect he was mostly faithful to Alesha. Though I'll admit that this was probably largely because he mostly just met with his various women at the park or at other public places where there wasn't anywhere to woohoo available. One notable exception was Sandi French. He went over to her house one night to try to win her over, and since there were beds available, I decided to have him woohoo her, and on a further whim, had him Try for Baby with her. It worked, and though he'd broken up with her that same night (yes, he was a total cad - he slept with her then dumped her) she gave birth a few days later to his son, whom the game named Rigoberto French. Rigoberto stayed with his mother, and though Hank did have some contact with him, as did Byron eventually, I left him to the time stream to grow up on his own, just keeping tabs on him as best I could so I hopefully would at least not miss it if he died or something. I apparently never bothered to take any pictures of him early on either, so I've none to show of him here.

Sometime after Rigoberto's birth, Byron became a Young Adult.

He had already chosen his LTW sometime during his childhood I think (I decided with him that I'd go with whatever LTW a sim rolled first as a wish, so they get to choose their own and it's as random as it can be). While he was a teenager, I'd had him get a part-time job at the grocery store, and he eventually managed to get to level 3 in it. After he had done that, I had him go into the Sports career since I figured that would go well with his wish to max out his Athletic skill and would help check another item off the list for me. The family was comfortable enough financially by now that he didn't really have to get the full time job, but I figured he might as well.

Another notable event that happened around this time that I sadly don't have pictures of is that Alesha received the opportunity to take a grave to the science center and have that person resurrected. While I wasn't really looking to add to the household at this point, I decided to have her go ahead and do the opportunity. She chose Beau Andrews, whom she'd had a bit of an affair with herself while Hank had been busy womanizing, enough so that he counted as a Romantic Interest for her the same as Hank did. I believe that was something they'd gotten up to on their own during a party, as I don't recall having her initiate anything like that with Beau. At any rate, he seemed like the best candidate for resurrection among her friends that had died, so he's the one she chose. After retrieving his tombstone from the cemetery, she took it to the science center, and a few hours later Beau Andrews joined the household as a ghost.

Beau Andrew's stats:
Traits: Couch Potato, Good Sense of Humor, Inappropriate, Slob, Can't Stand Art
LTW: Golddigger (marry a wealthy sim and see their ghost)
Favorites: Kids music, Cookies, Yellow

Beau's LTW presented a conundrum for me. According to the challenge rules I had to at least attempt to fulfill his LTW since I'd moved him in, but I wasn't really sure if I could get it for him. I did a bit of research, decided that I'd at least give it a shot to stick to the rules, and set about looking for a rich sim that he could marry. Unfortunately, there didn't seem to be many around in Sunset Valley by then. About this time, Alesha had learned that her long time coworker and friend Thornton Wolff was rich, and she got the notice that indicated he was about to die. She went over to visit him one last time, and was there to witness his death - and to meet his wife Morganna.

I had her chat with Morganna a bit to establish a relationship with  her, primarily so she could invite her over so Beau could meet her, given that she was now an available, wealthy widow. Once he'd met her, Beau commenced a rather whirlwind courtship. He got ahead of himself a bit at first and tried to ask her to marry him before they really knew one another well enough, and she turned him down. He persevered, however, and when he invited her over the following day, she accepted.

He didn't waste any time, and they almost immediately exchanged rings and were married. Strangely though, Morganna didn't automatically move in, and I ended up having to ask her to move in a bit later on. I also never made note of her stats because I knew I wasn't going to be able to count her in the challenge. Her LTW was Surrounded by Family (raise 5 children to teenager), which was not doable for her since she was already an elder and close to death when she married Beau. So her only function really was to help Beau achieve his LTW. (Edit: Used Master Controller to check her stats from her ghost after publishing this. Traits: Workaholic, Good, Family-Oriented, Charismatic, Artistic; Favorites: Classical, Spaghetti, Spiceberry)

In the meantime, Hank had finally finished his LTW when he finally asked Alesha to officially be his girlfriend after he'd broken up with his 9th conquest. Side note here: for the first few relationships I'd been having him ask a gal to go steady, then having Alesha ask him to break up with the other woman. While this worked, it also made them become enemies with Alesha as well as with Hank, something that caused her some mild difficulties at one point when she needed to get into a house to speak with one of her friends but the friend's roommate, who happened to be one of Hank's exes and an enemy of Alesha's kept answering the door and wouldn't let her in. I then realized that he could just break up with them himself and leave Alesha out of it so her relationships around town weren't getting tanked as well.

Once he'd finished his LTW and had pledged to remain faithful to her from now on, I decided to have them finally get married. I wasn't sure if he'd go for it given that he has Commitment Issues, but when Alesha proposed, he accepted easily.

They married the next day after Alesha got home from work, deciding to just have their own private ceremony the way Beau and Morganna had.

Sadly, Alesha and Hank didn't get to enjoy more than a few hours as a married couple, for while she was out weeding the garden after their ring exchange, the Grim Reaper came for her.

And so Alesha Medina died, having contributed 11 points to the challenge. Her achievements:

Traits: Ambitious, Can't Stand Art, Good, Neat, Technophobe
Career: Business
LTW: CEO of a Megacorporation
Skills: Gardening - Master Farmer, Handiness- Plumber
Paranormal: Resurrect a Ghost
Miscellaneous: Have a birthday party

Next up: Hank and Beau's twilight days and Byron finally gets his time in the spotlight


  1. I really like your writing style. Reading about Morganna has me ready to go back to my own challenge now :-)

  2. I forgot to add that I *think* they get the hidden traits even if the sim is playable in that career. My sim married a NPC firefighter, and then of course he became playable, and the children born after that all got the trait. My founder was a playable sim who was an astronaut, and all of his offspring got the able to salute trait from his being in the military. For the purposes of points, I'd say count having a child with that NPC as having the hidden trait. It's sometimes hard to confirm if the hidden trait is present. One way I've found is to save the sim to library, enter CAS, then age the sim back down. Often, you'll get a pop-up that a hidden trait was removed because the sim had too many traits. Not always, though.

    1. Hmm. Interesting. It's possible that Byron has/had it then, for they did get a burglar a few times and Byron (once he was old enough) usually was running out to confront the intruder. I think he got into a fight with at least one of them too. The encounters never lasted long though since they have a security alarm and the cops would show up before he had a chance to do much on his own. I might try the CAS thing with him to see...if he's still around. I haven't played in a few nights and now can't remember if he's still alive or not, lol.

  3. Definitely sounds to me like he got the trait!

  4. It's very interesting to read about your pursues in this challenge. It must be hard to remeber what has benn done in the end - and how do you keep up with if the points are valid or not - if the sim reached their LTW or not?

    1. I'd been using the in game thing to post memories to my page on the Sims 3 site all along, and I used those a lot to remind me what all had happened. I also grabbed a lot of the pictures used in these early entries from there because I didn't have screenshots of my own for everything. As for the points, I've been using the spreadsheet that SirenPrincess created for the challenge and keeping track of everything on that. I've modified it some and added a few pages to help me track points finished per EP and to keep notes on the sims' favorites, traits, and point total.

  5. I'm very much liking your writing style. I've recently started watching some "Let's Play" Sims video commentary on You Tube and your style is reminding me more of that, only maybe a bit more focused and clearer. It's so sad to first see most of the friends passing, and then seeing your founder Alesha pass shortly after getting married finally. But, Simgods bless her, she got the challenge off well by contributing 11 points. :-)

    1. I've gotten into watching Let's Plays too in the last few months, and I suppose I do write these entries much the same way. To streamline the blogging process, I'm mostly writing while I play, pausing now and again to write down things as they happen, adding in placeholder text for the pictures which I go back and put in after I'm done. I'm also not really editing the shots much this time around, and most are taken with the in game camera, so if the quality is lacking on some that's why. I have noticed that Blogger often automatically lightens/brightens the nighttime shots that are rather dark, and that helps, but otherwise they're mostly untouched.