Saturday, June 13, 2015

Medina - Ghostly Massages and LTWs

The last time we visited the Medinas Eldred traveled to France and met Charlotte, whom he brought home with him and married. Charlotte subsequently gave birth to their son Filibert, who is still an infant I believe. Edita grew up to Young Adult and went into the Education career. Eleanore and Eulalia aged up to teens, and Carina stubbornly resisted the Grim Reaper though he came to collect her in the end. We join them early on a Friday morning. Eldred is grudgingly taking care of his son while Charlotte gets some much needed sleep. Edita is off to work, the twins are getting ready for school, and Dylan is sleeping in.

Friday was pretty routine with people working, going to school, sleeping and such. In the midst of the mundanity, I happened to notice something a bit grisly in the back yard. Apparently there's still a smoldering pile of debris where Carina burned to death. Guess I'll have to have one of them clean that up since the maid didn't do it.

Saturday was Filibert's birthday. The whole family gathered on the back patio to watch Charlotte help him blow out his candle.

The rest of Saturday and Sunday passed uneventfully. Edita and Eugenia worked on making friends. Dylan and Charlotte worked on their novels. Eldred spent most of the day on Sunday fishing, and Eleanore worked on skills a bit. Sunday night found Edita and Eleanore both sitting at the table reading books.

On Monday Eldred went into town to sell the fish he'd caught, earning several promotions in the Fishing career in the process. While he was downtown, he ran into his cousin Eugenia Britt and her son Demetrius. (This is a different version of Eugenia Britt than the one I've been playing and blogging...a remnant left in this Sunset Valley when I moved the Britts to Twinbrook.)

Monday was also the twins' birthday. Eulalia went first to blow out her candles and gained the Adventurous trait. As she had not yet rolled up a LTW for herself, I had to choose among the five that popped up. I chose Martial Arts Master (reach level 10 in Martial Arts and obtain Grand Master Rank in Tournaments.)

Eleanore didn't wait to blow out her candles, but aged up on her own just as I was going to send her to her cake. She also chose a spot that made it impossible to get a good picture of her aging up. She gained the Childish trait.

On Tuesday Eleanore and Eulalia picked out outfits and Eleanore decided to go register as a professional writer like her father and sister-in-law. Eulalia started working on her Athletic skill to prepare for a trip to China to learn Martial Arts. Edita was asked out on a date by Danny Presley...who had her meet him out at the town junkyard. Real class act there Danny. Edita went primarily because it was an opportunity to make another friend.

Charlotte went down to the library to work on her latest book on Wednesday. Normally she just worked in the office with Dylan, but she was feeling the need to get out of the house for the bit, so opted for the change of scenery while she wrote.

Thursday was Eldred's birthday. He aged up on his own that evening since I forgot to get him a cake. He is now an Adult.

We also had to hire a new butler on Thursday. We'd hired one on Monday, but apparently he quit on us on Thursday despite being best friends with Edita. Oddly enough, when I had Dylan call for a new one, the old one showed up again to take his job back.

Sadly, Friday in the early afternoon, Dylan passed away. He was  98 days old and he contributed 5 points to the challenge in his lifetime.

The family cemetery is getting fairly full now. The ghosts are often a nuisance but we manage.

Speaking of the ghosts, that night Eulalia got a massage from her Grandfather Charles Medina. I hadn't known that ghosts could do this, but they started the interaction on their own. It broke when she reacted to him, or to Byron who was in the room when she came in, but they happily did it once I directed them to do it.

Saturday was Filibert and Charlotte's birthday. Filibert aged up to Child and got the Mean Spirited trait. The family gathered around the birthday tables in the back to watch him age up. Charlotte aged up on her own later on to Adult and I didn't take a picture since there's really not much to see with that transition.

Before she aged up, Charlotte managed to finish her latest book which also completed her LTW of becoming a Professional Author. Her points will now count for the challenge. She is still only at level 5 of the Writer career, so she still has a lot of work to do on completing that. She wasn't all that happy about finishing the novel because she was tired and in mourning over Dylan still.

On Sunday I had Eulalia head to China so she could learn Martial Arts to get started on her LTW. She also had a small opportunity to fulfill there (which it turned out she couldn't but that didn't matter). She made a quick trip to the market upon arriving to stock up on a few things, but then headed straight to the Martial Arts Academy to begin her training.

It didn't take long for her to earn her first belt.

She had to stay at the base camp while she was there, because even though they have more than enough money to buy a vacation home, she doesn't have the visa points to be able to buy the permit to do so. Not really that big of a deal, but it takes sims forever to get up and down all the stairs here.

On her third day in China, Eulalia was at the Academy working on her skills as usual. She'd just qualified to enter the Grand Tournament and was waiting for her first opponent to arrive when she went inside the building and to her surprise saw her sister Edita there. This surprised me as well because while I knew the game would pull in townies as "Adventurers" in the destinations, I'd never seen it pull in someone from your sim's household. Edita isn't playable for me here right now, but she does register as Eulalia's sister when they converse.

Her opponent showed up shortly thereafter and after chatting with him briefly they set to it. The match was fairly quick, and Eulalia was able to defeat him. The first of many victories she'll need to win.

Her opponent the following day was not as easy to beat, and Eulalia had to spar with her several times before she was able to beat her. She did finally manage to do so after trying for most of the afternoon.

Not much happened for the rest of her trip. She worked on her Martial Arts, sparring with people and using the equipment at the Academy. By the time she left she'd gotten to skill level 6 and Tournament Rank 1 (of 5). She did one tomb adventure to gain visa points so she'll be able to stay longer in future.

Back at home, the family was having a fairly routine Sunday. Charlotte and Eleanore were writing, Eldred was across the street fishing, Edita was on the phone making new friends for her LTW, and Filibert was trying his hand at painting. Eulalia immediately set up her new Martial Arts equipment in the backyard and practiced with the board breaker until she was fatigued.

Monday and Tuesday passed fairly uneventfully, with the various family members pursuing their own work or school. Tuesday was Edita's birthday though, and she aged up to Adult in the evening. As with Eldred and Charlotte, we didn't really do anything for this transition.

On Wednesday Edita got an opportunity to increase her performance at work by tutoring a student that was falling behind. After school let out, she went over to his house to help him.

While there she introduced herself to Avery Presley and spoke with him until they'd become friends. He was the last one she needed to complete her LTW of being Super Popular. Edita's points will now count for the challenge as well!

And with that I think I'm going to wrap up the visit with the Medinas. Eleanore and Eulalia both have a lot left to do on their LTWs and Filibert hasn't chosen one yet, so it will be awhile before more challenge progress is made here. Here is a look at my current score after the LTWs that were completed in this part along with some progress I've made with a family I'm playing off blog.

Next up with be the Fraser family with more World Adventures stuff. Until then, Cheers!


  1. Wow this makes me want to open my Completion Challenge back up. Lost the main house for the Cartwrights in a laptop format mishap, but managed to save the daughter who went off to another world for her LTW. Hmmmm.... ;)

    1. I'd love to read more about them, or even a new family. Always loved your blogs :)

  2. Welcome back! Your blog nearly makes me want to play Sims 3 again :)

    1. Your blogs frequently make me want to dust off my Sims 2 game :)