Friday, February 15, 2013

Twilight for Generation 3

Everyone in the house was depressed on Friday because of Rigoberto's death. Charles, who was developing quite a reputation as a comedian was even too depressed to tell any jokes when he was speaking with someone outside the science center. Silvia Whitfield came home from school with Dylan that day, though he had to run off to work immediately so she was left to hang around the house on her own for a bit. He did chat with her later, however, and found that he was rather attracted to her.

The following day was Dylan's birthday. Charles and Jeanna worked together to get the garden tended early, giving Benito a bit of a break from the chore. Then Charles called up their friends and Benito's family, being sure to include the two girls that Dylan had shown an interest in, as well as the guy who had called Damien up for a date awhile back. Once everyone had arrived, Dylan blew out his candles and transitioned to Young Adult. He picked up the Hydrophobic trait.

After the party, Dylan went down to the bistro to meet Carina Akers. She'd called to ask him out on a date after leaving the party. I'm starting to wonder if I should really be so leery of all the date invites the sims get, for of the ones I've accepted lately, none have been actual dates. Rigoberto and Carolyn barely knew the people they'd accepted a "date" with, but Dylan is good friends with Carina. Still, when they met, the moving heart thing indicating the two are on a date wasn't there. Carina is still available, and Dylan is attracted to her, but I'm keeping the romantic interactions between them light until I have him get to know Silvia a bit better to see if he shows a preference.

The next day went by fairly routinely, with everyone kind of doing their own thing. That evening, Jeanna decided she just had to get out of the house, so she went down to the gym for awhile. She invited Miles Cavazos to join her, offering to show him a few pointers with the equipment. He accepted, and Jeanna played personal trainer for him for awhile.

Meanwhile, Silvia Whitfield had called Dylan up for a date after he'd gotten home from work, and he accepted. She wanted to meet at the cemetery, which to my mind is kind of a creepy place for a date, but whatever floats your boat. This was another non-date date, since she's still a teenager and the game won't let them have any romantic interactions. He did get a chance to chat with her and get to know her better though.

I tried to get them to move over to a place with more light, but she wouldn't cooperate.
The next day after work, Damien got a call from Adrianna Seaman, their maid, asking if he wanted to go on a date. I had been kind of intending to make him gay due to that earlier date call, but his gender preference still shows as undecided, and I decided that cultivating a relationship with a maid could be beneficial to the challenge, so I had him accept. They didn't really know each other yet, so the "date" was really more of a getting to know one another outing, and he discovered that he's quite attracted to her. She's considerably older than him, but young enough she could still have a child if I got them together soon.

They hung out at the beach talking for a long while before Damien started to put the moves on her. She was receptive to his flirtations, and even to a hug, so eventually he leaned in and had his first kiss with her.

The next morning Jeanna was at loose ends. Her needs were all good, there's not really much for her to be doing skillwise, she's retired...all in all, I'm at something of a loss what to do with her now. So I just try to keep her busy. This morning I had her fix the laptop that one of the ghosts had broken even though she had no skill in Handiness. I'll admit, I was kind of hoping she'd fry herself, but no such luck. She was able to fix it without mishap.

About the time that Jeanna was working on the laptop, Damien was leaving for work via the Not So Routine Machine, and he got sucked into the Dreamscape. He had a few adventures there, quite a bit of fun, and then got himself spit out and was late for work.

After sleeping in, Carolyn went down to the theatre to play for tips for awhile, as she didn't really have much else to do. While there, an old friend of theirs, Melissa Sowell, died while watching her perform. (I actually missed seeing this happen, just saw the notifications and zipped over to get the best shot I could. Melissa's ghost was gone, but Grim was still there, and he looked rather pleased with himself judging by his thought bubble.)

The next day, Adrianna was still cleaning the house when Damien got home. He talked to her in the kitchen for a bit, and then asked her to hang out once she was done. She agreed, and soon they were hugging and kissing, then one thing led to another and they ended up upstairs in Damien's bed together. Later, after they'd gotten changed again, Damien proposed to her in the living room with most of the family around (though not paying any attention to them). She happily accepted.

Meanwhile, Dylan got a call from Carina, asking him out on a date and he went down to meet her at Central Park. They chatted a bit, and then Dylan started flirting with her. She was very receptive, and before long he was having his first kiss with her.  He decided she was the woman he wanted to be with, so he asked her to go steady.

The following day passed uneventfully. Charles worked in the garden, Jeanna spent the day on the treadmill because she wanted to work out for 12 hours straight, Carolyn went to work, and Benito wen to the park to fish. He'd hoped to be able to tutor some kids, but there were none around. After he got home from work, Damien invited Adrianna over, and they spent some time kissing and generally acting like an engaged couple. Dylan invited Carina over once he got home from his job, and asked her to marry him.

Both women were invited to move in, and both accepted. Both women also had LTWs that instantly completed upon moving in, which feels a little cheaty, but after consulting with Robin, the challenge creator, it's legal to count them, so I'll have the bonus of being able to count everything they achieve right away.  Neither couple will be able to have children until a couple of the elders die off (full house).  Here's a look at the two ladies:

Carina Akers
Traits: Over-Emotional,  Good Sense of Humor, Technophobe, Party Animal, Green Thumb
Favorites: Kids music, French Toast, Green
LTW: The Perfect Garden
Age: Young Adult - 9 days to Adult

Adrianna Seaman
Traits:   Flirty, Brave, Perfectionist, Neat, Kleptomaniac
Favorites: Pop music, Cheesesteak, Orange
LTW: Living in the Lap of Luxury
Age: Adult - 11 days to Elder

The next morning was Saturday, and Dylan decided that it was time he quit his part time job at the spa to concentrate on his writing and painting. He called his boss and gave his notice and joined the ranks of the unemployed. He'd chosen the day largely because he and Carina, and Damien and Adrianna were intending to have a double wedding that day. He and Damien both knew that their parents were getting fairly old and they wanted them to be able to see them married at least. Charles made the calls to set it up, and both couples were married out by the garden that afternoon.

Given Adrianna's age, I transferred some life fruit to her inventory and decided I'd have her eat one per day until one of the elders dies and makes room for her to have a child. I don't want her to age up to elder before she's had a chance to have a baby since she's a former maid and I'm hoping to get the hidden trait from that in her offspring. Carina is young enough that she has plenty of time still to produce an heir with the Medina name.

Sunday was spent with the various members of the household doing their own thing for the most part. Charles and Benito went to turn in some opportunities, Carina worked out in the garden all day, gaining a few points in gardening in the process, Dylan finished work on one novel and started work on another, and Damien worked on learning charisma for his job. After he'd mastered the basics, he spent some time chatting with his Aunt Jeanna to help raise it. In the evening, Carolyn went down to City Hall to fix some pipes there after receiving a desperate call for help from the head of maintenance there. Sadly, just as she was coming out of the front door after finishing the job, Grim came for her, and not to take her on a date this time. Benito had a feeling that something was wrong, and tried to teleport over to her, but he got held up in the Dreamscape and was too late. All he could do by the time he got there was collect her tombstone and go home. Carolyn died having contributed 10 points to the challenge.

Even as she's dying, someone's calling her. No doubt to ask for a date.

Carolyn (Medina) Britt's Achievements
  • Traits 
    • Grumpy
    • Hopeless Romantic
    • No Sense of Humor
    • Vehicle Enthusiast
    • Virtuoso
    • Hidden: Can Catch Burglars
  • Career: Science
  • LTW: Become a Creature-Robot Cross-Breeder
  • Skills
    • Guitar - Master Guitarist
  • Miscellaneous: Have a Funeral
And that brings us to a fairly good place to stop for now. Current progress on the challenge is:

Total Points: 92/405 (22.72% complete)
Base Game Points: 92/174 (52.87% complete)

I'll be installing the World Adventures EP finally before I play again, which will open up a whole new range of activities for my sims to participate in. Whether or not any of them will take advantage of it right away will remain to be seen. Until next time, Cheers!


  1. Dont you love it when the points come that easy! Looks like things are going great here!

  2. Love this blog, just have a hard time having time to read it. Congratulations of being able to install WA!

    1. I understand not having time to keep up. There are any number of blogs people post about that I intend to read and don't seem to find time to. Glad you're enjoying this one :)